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Packed Farm

An efficient crypto-mining farm requires a clever technical design, selecting the right devices, have the farm professionally built and correctly maintained overtime.

We develop the idea of crypto-batteries: a plug & play crypto-mining module built on a maritime container.

Size matter

Many people undermine crypto-mining projects fixed costs.

When you have a single miner at home, if it is suddenly stops mining for a couple of hours you can account it as a performance reduction. However,  when you consider a 1 hour downtime for 10.000 miners it can not be overseen.  The same happens with maintenance, home miners take working on it as a hobby, when you work on a large scale mining farm you need to consider a professional team looking after the farm 24/7.

There are 2 key components to crypto-mining project cost: electricity price and scale. We already have an agreement to consume 5MW at the most competitive electricity price available.

Our economic team has built a parametric which helps us to determine  projects profitability.

Project IRR by Crypto-Batteries count

Farm landscape


Above you can see how a packed farm outlines.

Learn more about our projects:

Pioneer Housed Farm

Ranked top 5 worldwide. 

Operative 2012 – 2016.


50MW Housed Farm

Ongoing project.

Lowest energy costs.


How can I participate?

Blockchain mining is constantly exchanging ideas with investors, business in the same area and providers.

We love meeting with people, be very happy to hear you.

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